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Lic, the art of dressing watches

The history of LIC begins in 1971. After being formed in the highly recognized “ Atelier Grégoire” and cultured by years of experience in a famous luxury leather manufacturer of Paris,  Yves Thomas, driven by the passion for luxury leather goods,  decided to create its own company specialized in high-end leather straps for luxury watches.

More than 45 years later, the family company is now being lead by Xavier Thomas, reinforced by years of experience and quality handicraft. It is thanks to passionate people evolving in a family atmosphere that’s LIC built its quality standard, resulting in products trusted by clients all over the world. Our products are aimed at anyone who is looking for high end watch straps to dress his timepiece.

Whether you want a traditional strap of something new, you will find our collection the refinement and quality your seeking.   This the resulting of 45 years of passion, tradition and development.